How it works

You buy a lottery ticket, choosing 6 numbers out of 24 for your chance of winning a prize. If you pick all 6 numbers correctly, in any order, you will win the Jackpot (or share of it if there are more winners). For 5 correct numbers, you’ll get yourself £50 and 4 numbers gets you a free ticket.

You can buy tickets online (but we ask that you buy at least 5 as we get charged for these purchases and it takes money from the Community Chest and Prize Fund) or you can buy as few or many as you want from a local retailer. Please see below for a full list.

Numbers will be drawn each week on a Friday at 3pm, live on our Facebook page.

The draw will take place at a different local stockist each time so that they can let you know about their business and bring you up to date on any deals they may have! It’s great to support your local shops. If you don’t use ‘em – you’ll lose ‘em.

The profits from the sales of the tickets will go into the Levenmouth Community Chest.  Click here for more details.

Stuart’s Bakery
Key Store
Hometown Treats
Taj Foodstore

Stuart’s Bakery
Premier One Stop Shop
Cooks Café

Stuart’s Bakery
Agenda Pub
The Windsor Pub
Craig Boyd Hairdressing

Nisa Local
Auld Hoose

Lundin Links
Stuart’s Bakery
Premier Store
Silverburn Park

East Wemyss
Perfect Scoop

Millerfield Store

Lower Methil
Stuart’s Bakery

The promoter of this lottery is Susan Oak, Brag Enterprises, Crosshill Business Centre, Main Street, Crosshill, Lochgelly, Fife, KY5 8BJ. This lottery is licensed by Fife Council under the Small Society Lotteries (Registration of non-commercial societies) Regulations 2007 as Brag Enterprises (1009).

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