Escape Rooms

Are you looking for an escape room in Fife?

Together Levenmouth is delighted to welcome you to the game played in real life. You and your team have just 60 minutes to complete the puzzles and escape. 

Our Escape Rooms in Levenmouth, Fife are called ‘It’s A Steal‘ and ‘Level 99’ 

You will need to combine your skills to work together so choose your team wisely.  If you have a competitive edge then why not try and escape in the quickest time and make your way to the top of our leaderboard. 

So what is an escape room? Can you escape in 60 minutes?

Our escape rooms are made up of themed puzzles. It’s a race against the clock and you have just 60 minutes to escape from either our It’s A Steal or Level 99. 

Are you looking for escape rooms in Fife or Edinburgh? Then look no further than Escape Rooms at Together Levenmouth.

Escape Room Frequently Asked Questions

Both our rooms are designed for groups of between 2 and 6 players. There must be a minimum of 2 players due to the design of some of our puzzles within our rooms.

The experience is fun for everyone of all ages. However, players 12 and under must be accompanied in the room by a paying adult over the age of 18. Our super game masters are always on hand to help!
We recommend that all players arrive for their Escape Rooms at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled start time to undergo your briefing and introduction.
Yes we can! Together Levenmouth – Escape Rooms provides a creative form of alternative entertainment, very different from usual team building events. We can accommodate for a vast array of private events such as corporate events, birthday parties or team building. We will always attempt to cater to any specific requirements.
Both our Escape Rooms, Levenmouth are wheelchair accessible. Our experience requires a small amount of physical activity. Background music and sound effects are used within our rooms. However, the majority can be solved without hearing the audio. Levels of lighting may also differ within the rooms. If you have any special needs, we will do our best to alter the game in any way that we can so that we can accommodate you and give you a great experience. Just get in touch with our team.
Our escape rooms are a good size and the Games Master can see and hear you so if you did feel any kind of anxiety at any time, just say and you can come out. There is also a button on the inside of the room that you can press yourself should you want to exit, so no need to panic! If you are in any doubt, please feel free to come and have a look at the rooms before deciding whether to book or not.

Try our It's A Steal Escape Room

Your gang have a job to do. It’s extremely high security, but you have insider knowledge…The shopping centre blueprints show a route in. The shopping centre opens at 7am and you can get in from 6am… so you have an hour to break into the vault and get out before being discovered. Good luck!

Try our Level 99 Escape Room

Even the best players could only achieve Game Completion of 98% and no-one knew why, until Level 99 was discovered! Everyone who has tried has failed to conquer Level 99. Now it’s your turn. With our brand new Immersify technology, we’re able to send you directly INTO the game itself to try and defeat Level 99. Good luck!

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